In the pudding club

About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog

by Colin McIntosh​
The world of food is subject to changing fashions just as much as clothes or music. Even if we don’t cook ourselves, we watch food shows on TV, we read about it in magazines, we swap recipes with our friends on social media, and we eat it in restaurants. Above all, we learn about new types of food when we travel. Ingredients and dishes from exotic and not-so-exotic places are a never-ending source of new imports to the English language. Here are some that have been recently added to the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Edamame, a Japanese dish consisting of soybeans in their pods that have been boiled in water with salt, is considered to be a superfood and is consumed (in small quantities) by supermodels. A grain from the Andes of South America, quinoa, another superfood, supposedly provides numerous health benefits, including having a…

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