New words – 22 August 2016

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ringxietynounthe phenomenon of seeming to hear or sense a non-existent message or call on your phone

Do YOU have ‘ringxiety’? Being insecure about relationships leads people to hear ‘phantom calls’, researchers say

[ 05.02.16]

If you find yourself reaching to answer your phone only to find that it had never rang [sic] you could be suffering from ‘ringxiety’,
according to academics.

[ 04.02.16]

peak stuffnounthe point at which consumers in developed countries cease to desire or require so many new acquisitions

If having more no longer satisfies us, perhaps we’ve reached ‘peak stuff’

[ 31.01.16]

Ikea senses room to grow amid ‘peak stuff’

[ (article title) 18.0116]

postmateriality nounin the digital age, after materials such as film and tape stopped being used to record sound and images

We have a generation now that’s kind of coming to age postmateriality.

[NPR: All…

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